[Dancer-users] Deployment pod

Assaf Gordon gordon at cshl.edu
Wed Nov 9 22:57:19 CET 2011

Here's my latest draft:

It's pretty much ready (from my narrow Apache point-of-view).

1. I have verified all the different apache configurations - they all work (barring any typos).

2. included is a section on serving static files directly (requested by someone on the mailing list).

3. Added a section on load-balancing in apache using mod_proxy_balancer

4. Elaborated about deploying multiple Dancer applications on same server.

5. Simplified (IMHO) the configuration Stanzas - removed fluff like "ServerName" etc. which is not always relevant.

6. Change some of the Apache configuration examples, the old POD show changing the "documentroot" - that's not needed.

7. with NGINX+Proxy, simplified the example, removed fluff, and made it use TCP socket instead of a unix socket - to be more in line with the other examples.

8. Other stuff - copied as-is. I'm not familiar with those things (e.g. PerlBal, Balance, UBic, etc.) - so proofreading is still required.

Comments and corrections are welcomed,

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