[Dancer-users] deployment problems with apache + starman

Gordon, Assaf gordon at cshl.edu
Wed Nov 9 06:13:00 CET 2011


On Nov 7, 2011, at 17:43, "Assaf Gordon" <gordon at cshl.edu<mailto:gordon at cshl.edu>> wrote:

sawyer x wrote, On 11/07/11 14:33:

 It's important for us to be able to cater
to the common deployment procedures and if you weren't able to get
all the information from the deployment docs, it definitely means
they need revamping.

I can to try to organize it differently, and rewrite most of the apache section (and just copy-paste the others because I have no experience with them).

Here's my first shot at reorganizing the deployment pod:

It's not complete yet, but it has the content in a way I wish I had it when I started with Dancer and new nothing about psgi/plack/starman/etc.

Comments and corrections are welcomed,
  - gordon

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