[Dancer-users] Dancer 2 supports sessions

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Wed Nov 2 12:58:45 CET 2011

2011/11/2 ambs <ambs+dancer at perl-hackers.net>:
> On 02/11/2011 11:45, Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
>> Also note that the default start/end tags of TemplateToolkit are back
>> to TT's default in Dancer 2 ([% and %]).
> Are we sure we want that?

I think so, many many users requested that change since Dancer 1 is
born, we never changed it because it was difficult to do such a
backward-incompatible change...

I think the upgrade of the major version number is a good time to do
such a change, it's just a matter of documentaiton.
Also, I plan to provide a Dancer::Compatibility module, which will
behave as a glue module to make this kind of default changes.

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