[Dancer-users] Dancer::layout has been deprecated

Nick Knutov mail at knutov.com
Sat May 21 23:15:18 CEST 2011

I see message

Dancer::layout has been deprecated since version 1.3050. use 'set layout 
=> "value"'

But why was it done?

For example:

get '/' => sub {
	# do something
	my $message = template 'message', $data, {layout=>''};
	# sending email with $message or inserting parsed data to DB
	# do something else
	template 'index', $data;

So, in the new way I should read current setting('layout'), save it, set 
up new layout and restore old layout after if the old-style layout setup 
will be deprecated. This is ugly!

Is there any other ways to do it beautiful?

May be it is better to do it optional and not to deprecate this feature?

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Nick Knutov
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