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franck franck at lumberjaph.net
Thu Mar 31 21:43:01 CEST 2011

Hi everybody

This year, Dancer could be part of the GSoC via the Perl Foundation. If you
are a student interested in Dancer and looking for a project to work on this
summer, please contact us :)

There is two core dev who are OK in mentoring (sawyer and myself), so feel
free to contact us.

If you are interested:

- we have drafted some ideas on the EPO wiki [1] (search for Dancer), but
feel free to offer other ideas

- you can also register yourself [2] and submit a proposition

- join #dancer (on irc.perl.org) to talk to us.

If you need some help to redact a proposition we will be happy to help.

There is also #soc-help (still on irc.perl.org) where you can ask for more
informations if needed.


[1] http://epo.means.no/gsoc2011/ideas

[2] http://www.google-melange.com/


franck cuny

http://lumberjaph.net - http://github.com/franckcuny
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