[Dancer-users] complex form building

WK wanradt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 00:52:27 CEST 2011


At the beginning i'd like to thank you all of Dancer developers. I
really like to Dance (despite i know too few steps so far) and as
readed over whole list archive, it is so good to see which huge
improvement is done during the last year.

I have an old app, CGI.pm based, fully handy-crafted, designed 1998 as
my first Big solution and during all these years i hacked it as far as
it needed. I'd like to write it up from scratch again, using Dancer. I
looking Mates for this dance and i'd like to find matching ones.

One problem is *form building*.

I looked sawyer x Spark-presentation (http://sck.to/TW) and if i got
it right, nested forms may be right step for me. Still, i'd like to
read opinions of yours, from your knowledge and experience.

I asked help also in StackOverflow (http://sck.to/O5), and i paste
same question here. Maybe my wording is too foggy, so, please ask,
i'll try to explain.

I'm experimenting with Dancer some time, and looking for the right
blocks to build my application. Frameworks tend to have flat example
applications, dealing with one table at time. So I have no good idea
which tools should be used to build a little bit more complex CRUD

Let's say I create a Booklovers app. It should have a form to add/edit
books with authors. To cover this I need 3 tables in our database:
books, authors and books_to_authors. Which is best way to build a form
to add a book with authors?


* It is not known how many authors a book may have, we need dynamic
adding of rows.
* The authors table may have tens of thousands of records, so a select
form element is not suitable.
* An author may be missing from our database, we need to add them
dynamically, too.

All these dynamic parts needs some AJAX. Is there a good solution to
integrate it with form creating tools in Perl? I looked at
CGI::FormBuilder and am still looking, but I did not find something
that could build forms for 3 joined tables (many-to-many) as
described. The dynamic client-side part also still needs to be

Are there some best practices for such a pretty simple case?


Btw, one of most important things of choosing Dancer was Unicode
support. I am so tired of tools, frameworks, orm-s, libraries,
anything which don't support utf-8 in a simple, clean way :) It is
really important to support utf-8 on 2011!


Kõike hääd,


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