[Dancer-users] How to select a specific environment when I do "make test"

Geistteufel geistteufel at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 28 23:17:19 CEST 2011

Everything works if I run bin/app.pl, but no way under test

Could you take a look at there :


I don't get at all what is the problem of this plugin ???

In fact, I have try to Dumper settings, under the "register" function, and surprise : nothing at all.
So Redis take only default params, which is not the test.

plugin_settings seems to give nothing at all.

I do that :

use Dancer;
Dancer::set environment => 'testing';
use Dancer::Plugin::Redis;

And die Dumper $settings in the module,
give me 

$VAR1 = {}


Any idea ?

Le 28 mars 2011 à 13:12, sawyer x a écrit :

> Hey
> I looked into it, and apparently Dancer::Test does check for the environment:
> in file:
> use Dancer::Test;
> use Dancer::Config;
> print Dancer::Config::setting('mykey'), "\n";
> --
> If I run it as:
> DANCER_ENVIRONMENT=test perl -Ilib file.pl
> ... it does print the value of the key 'mykey' configured in test.yml inside 'environments'.
> So there is no problem there.

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