[Dancer-users] Help with github, please

Brian E. Lozier brian at massassi.com
Wed Mar 23 00:38:59 CET 2011

I wrote a tiny patch and I want to make a pull request on github.  I'm
confused as to how I'm supposed to be doing this because of a few
things, but now mostly because I don't know how github works.

Originally I used the fork button on github to fork the Dancer
project.  That got me "master" I think.  I made a change, committed
it, pushed it back to the server, and then issued a pull request.
This was a month ago or so.  Then xsawyerx notified me that the pull
request was approved and all was well until now when I have another
patch.  I made another patch on my same branch and issued another pull
request, but it pulled in again the original change I had made, so it
looks like it didn't detect (somehow, I'm not sure how this is
supposed to work) that my original change had already been pulled in.

So I deleted my fork of the Dancer repo and started again with a new
fork.  I tried to follow the instructions here:
http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/ on forking and doing pull
requests.  After I forked I cloned to my local machine and then
followed the instructions on "git remote add upstream" that would
supposedly "track upstream" which I don't quite understand.  When I
did that it put me in the "devel" branch and my "master" branch
disappeared.  When I do git branch I get this list:

* devel

And that's it...

So I checked in my change and pushed this *devel branch and I want to
do a pull request.  Is this correct?  What happens when/if my change
is accepted?  How do I make github not include it on the next pull

If I am doing something wrong please correct me.  As you can tell I'm
not very familiar with git and github (although I've been using cvs
and svn for a really long time).


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