[Dancer-users] newbie question, conversion from cgi's to dancer

Martin Bower martin.bower at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 15:36:33 CET 2011


I've been looking at dancer for a while, it looks great and I'm now hooked.

I'd like to start to replace my current setup, but am not sure in which
direction to proceed. My current site is a collection of scripts, running
under Apache as seperate cgi's. I use TT for the site, with all cgi's
accessing Sybase behind the scenes.

My questions are: -

1. Should I run a single occurrence of dancer to handle the site, and have
that control everything ?

2. If I shouldn't run one main controller, how do I run them seperately
under port 80 ?

3. I'd like to keep my scripts seperate, how can I implement this
within Dancer? the examples I've seen so far seem to have all the code in
the same place, and seem to be one dancer application for each app (as per
my cgi setup)

4. Currently Apache caches the DB connections and they are shared across the
scripts, this is fast and easy to use. How would I replicate that?

Apologies if any of the questions are basic, but I read the cookbook,
introduction and Tutorial and they didn't seem to answer the above.

Thanks in advance.
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