[Dancer-users] Rule using Template::Plugin::LaTeX crashes, howto debug?

Michael Stiller ms at 2scale.net
Fri Mar 11 11:34:59 CET 2011

Hi list.

I'm getting crashes using a route which does some rendering using
Template::Plugin::LaTeX and i'm not sure howto debug this, because
the error message is not very verbose:

Runtime Error
runtime error

latex error - pdflatex exited with errors:


main in bin/app.pl l. 4
Dancer in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer.pm l. 316
Dancer::Handler in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm l. 170
Dancer::Handler::Standalone in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler/Standalone.pm l. 41
HTTP::Server::Simple in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/HTTP/Server/Simple.pm l. 271
HTTP::Server::Simple in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/HTTP/Server/Simple.pm l. 307
HTTP::Server::Simple in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/HTTP/Server/Simple.pm l. 402
HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/HTTP/Server/Simple/PSGI.pm l. 103
HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/HTTP/Server/Simple/PSGI.pm l. 103
Dancer::Handler in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm l. 94
Dancer::Handler in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm l. 79
Dancer::Object in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Object.pm l. 15
Dancer::Error in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Error.pm l. 29
Dancer::Error in /Users/ms/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Error.pm l. 223

Basically i do:

get '/devices' => sub {
	headers 'Content-Type' => 'application/pdf';
	template 'devicelist', $vars, { layout => 'pdf' };

With the layout, pdf.tt:

<%- USE Latex;
    FILTER latex("pdf"); -%>
<% content %>
<% END; -%>

If i change the content type to text/plain and the layout to undef, basically
generating a plain latex file, and feed this to pdflatex, no error occurs.

If i change the template used to a very simple one like this:

\huge{Hello latex.}

The same error occurs, even there is no error from pdflatex and the exit code of pdflatex is also zero.

Any clues on how to debug this further?



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