[Dancer-users] My Dancer App

Vincent Bachelier geistteufel at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 9 18:04:47 CET 2011

Hi, as I have seen that people are existing by presenting they new Dancer app, there is mine :)
I have made the http://sck.to
A Shorten URL Service, that use :
  Dancer (awesome of course)  Redis (awesome way to save data and have an ultra high speed)  NGINX ( to serve static files)  Plackup ( to server Dancer apps)
The system could be plug in any Customer shorten services with Api. I have successfully plug it in Drupal, on my site http://qa.celogeek.comby just adding : http://sck.to?a=1&url= in Shorten URL.
And it offer simple stats (clicks and uniq clicks).
I love Perl community :)
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