[Dancer-users] Minimum code required to get Dancer up and running?

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Wed Mar 2 08:10:12 CET 2011

On 26/02/2011 23:39, Flavio Poletti wrote:
> Looking at Dancer's code your example makes perfectly sense. I also
> found references to the 'views' setting in Dancer::Introduction, so it
> seems to be something that has been forgotten in Dancer::Config's
> documentation. It also seems that you can use the environment variable

Exactly. These bits are official and have been there for a long time. We 
should indeed document them. Ptaches welcome ;)

On a more generic point of view regarding paths and settings, I strongly 
suggest to use absolute paths. Relative paths may work under specific 
conditions and may not under others.

We've put a lot of time recently on fixing the way paths are resolved by 
Dancer (it now works as expected under UNIX, Windows, MacOS X and Cygwin 
platforms!) for the very same reason.

Hope that helps,

Alexis Sukrieh

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