[Dancer-users] using Starman for powering dancer apps

Alessandro Ranellucci aar at cpan.org
Mon Jul 4 17:59:19 CEST 2011

On 4-07-2011 at 9:55, Pedro Melo wrote:

  >One plackup per app is my recommended approach as I wrote 
above. My
  >modesty prevents me from calling this a "best practice" :)

I combined multiple Dancer apps this way:

load_app 'ED::AccountServer::AdminWeb', prefix => '/app1';
load_app 'ED::AccountServer::APIWeb',   prefix => '/app2';

Then, I'm using plack -s Starman -d to run everything.

I prefer to do this because I need to run many different apps, 
and having a bunch of Starman processes for each app is memory-consuming.

The load_app approach works nicely... apart from a few issues:



     - alessandro.

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