[Dancer-users] I18n for Dancer Applications (With kudos inside)

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Wed Jan 26 11:31:36 CET 2011

Le 25/01/2011 23:25, ambs a écrit :
> Hello,
> Is there any plugin already developed for i18n of dancer applications?
> Or anybody working on such a thing?
> I have a few ideas of what I would like, but not sure I am able to
> implement it (yet).

Yes, Franck has started something there:


But I don't know if it's production-ready.

> Meanwhile, sukria, where did you put that dancer background? Can't find
> it under Dancer webpage :)

Enjoy it there:

Franck has also some variations there, for Android phones:


Also note that we have T-shirts on the way to be printed, hopefully 
we'll have them with us at FOSDEM.

We're going to give for free one T-shirt to the top 20 contributors, 
according to Dancer's git history.

These T-shirts are sponsored by the "Mongueurs de Perl" non-profit 
organization, a huge thank to them!


Stay tune for the list of the top 20 commiters to see if you have a T-shirt!

We'll also have 40 t-shirts for sale at the next French Perl Workshop 
that helds in Paris. http://journeesperl.fr/fpw2011/

Alexis Sukrieh

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