[Dancer-users] status code needs to be an integer greater than or equal to 100...

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Tue Jan 18 12:52:41 CET 2011

Le 17/01/2011 18:44, Puneet Kishor a écrit :
> I ran the program on the command line, and then accessed it via curl, so
> here is the entire error stream. Quite unhelpful, as it appears to me.
> The error gets triggered as soon as I do a $sth->execute.

I suggest you run the app either with Plack::Middleware::Debug enabled, 
or with the standalone server.

Then you should have the details regarding the error you get.

When you have "nice formated" errors, it's Dancer that speaks to you, 
when you have "Internal Server Error", it's Plack telling you it catched 
an error somewhere.

Hope that helps.

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