[Dancer-users] request for feature

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Tue Jan 18 11:47:32 CET 2011

Le 18/01/2011 11:40, sawyer x a écrit :
>     But at first glance I don't see where they handle that conditional
>     token...
> Line 1081?

Well, I don't think so, let's investigate with irb:

I've copied the build method in a dumb class (TestRegexp) in order to 
play with it, because I don't feel like parsing all that ruby code with 
my brain ;)

First of all a simple case: what does "/test" ends up with:

     irb(main):002:0> TestRegexp.compile('/test')
     => [/^\/test$/, []]

OK, fair enough, pretty the same at what Dancer builds.

Now, what happens with a question mark:

     irb(main):003:0> TestRegexp.compile('/test?')
     => [/^\/test?$/, []]

Well, nothing more...

Must be somewhere else.

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