[Dancer-users] new site?

Puneet Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 02:28:18 CET 2011

Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
> Le 06/12/2010 04:03, Puneet Kishor a écrit :
>> Dear Ann Landers,
>> Now that Dancer 1.2 is out, when is that beautiful, beautiful new site
>> going to be launched?
> The design itself is done, we're waiting for the designer to ship the
> tarball with HTML/CSS/JS/Images files so we can start to build the merge
> the skin with the Dancer app.
> As soon as I get the design, I'll add a branch to the perldancer-website
> repo on GitHub so we can work together on the merge.
> I'll keep you in touch.

It is poor form to comment on something that doesn't even exist yet, but 
idle mind is full of all kinds of thoughts, so I decide to share this. I 
was thinking of the Perldancer web site. Now, I have very little 
recollection now of the new design that Alexis showed what seems a very 
long time ago. However, one thing is true ... the current web site is 
actually pretty cool. I really like the first page with its


It is not has crackerjack as Sinatra's

	Put this in your piper
	and smoke it

but, it is quite up there. I also love Dancer's silhouette of the 
dancer... almost as cool as the Frank Sinatra silhouette on the Sinatra 
web site. (dunno why, but whenever I think of Alexis -- who, I don't 
have the pleasure of meeting personally -- I always think of the dancer 

As I said, I have only vague recollections now of the new design, so I 
hope this nice, lighthearted, sophisticated, tongue-in-cheek, suave 
feeling that is conveyed by the Dancer web site doesn't go away.

There is no doubt that Perl is stodgy. Dancer is anything but stodgy. It 
is nice to see this breath of fresh air.

I am sure you guys are smart and slick (in a good way) and suave and 
sophisticated. I hope the new web site continues to convey that, and 
doesn't become too corporate or sterile.

Remember -- prepare your moves, and dance.

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