[Dancer-users] New stable release: 1.3072

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Tue Aug 23 12:34:52 CEST 2011

Hey fellow dancers!

The Dancer Core Team is happy to announce the release of Dancer 1.3072, 
codename "Precious David Precious".

This release provides more flexibility in send_file (send raw content),
minor bug fixes and some documentation improvements.


This release has been prepared and shipped to CPAN by Sawyer X, it 
should hit your favorite mirror soon.

The changelog delta since 1.3071 follows:

     [ BUG FIXES ]
     * Fix prefix behavior with load_app (alexrj)
     * send_file() shouldn't clobber previously-set response status
       (David Precious, reported by tylerdu - thanks!)
     * Depend on URI 1.59 - Fixes problems when redirecting with
       UTF-8 strings (Alberto Simões)
     * Fix before_serializer POD fix (Yanick Champoux)

     * send_file can send data (pass a reference to a scalar), and can
       specify a content-disposition filename. (Alberto Simões)
     * Set 'Server' HTTP response header as well as 'X-Powered-By'.  For 
       where Dancer is being accessed directly, or the proxy passes on this
       header, it's nice to see it.  (David Precious)

     * Cookbook links to canonical documentation of keywords in 
Dancer.pm, so
       readers encountering a new keyword can easily see the docs for it
       (David Precious)
     * Docs for debug/warning/error link to Dancer::Logger for details 
on how to
       control where logs go (David Precious)
     * Document import_warnings option, and mention it & link to that
       documentation in opportune places.
     * Document that 'get' also creates a route for 'HEAD' requests
       (David Precious, prompted by Matt S Trout)
     * Extend request() keyword docs with examples (David Precious)
     * Correct port in Lighty/FCGI example in Dancer::Deployment
       (David Precious, thanks to pwfraley in Issue 621)

The next stable release will be 1.3080, as always we will first ship at 
least one RC as a DEVELOPER version (which will be 1.3079_02).

Happy dancing!

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