[Dancer-users] Feedback requested: streaming support

damien krotkine dkrotkine at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 16:16:52 CEST 2011

On 19 August 2011 16:05, sawyer x <xsawyerx at gmail.com> wrote:
> First, thanks to everyone for the quick feedback, I really appreciate it, :)
> Hopefully I'll be able to answer everyone.
> 1. Although I was originally against adding a callbacks => {} hashref key
> because I think it works against simplicity and the way Dancer feels for the
> user (and wrote in this email that I don't want to do it), after thinking
> about it some more, I've decided I'll change it as requested.

cool !

> 2. The reason this is in send_file() is because a. someone asked it for
> send_file specifically, and b. this is where it will be mostly used. People
> need to stream files. Refactoring this into another keyword (say,
> "streamed_response", or "streamed_content") will allow people to use this
> outside of send_file(), but it still remains very relevant inside
> send_file().
> Yes, you can open the files yourself and take care of all of it, but if
> you'll need another layer of callback, and that's not very comfortable if
> all you want to do is to send a file streaming.

What about : stream_file() in addition to send_file() then ? Just to
avoid adding more complexity to send_file() ? with redirection in the
doc between the two ?

> 3. Buffering 42K (or even allowing the user to set it) is a good idea. I'll
> change that!

cool !

> 4. The around_cb will be changed to a more apt name.

cool !

> 5. I won't change any name to include "psgi" unless necessary, because a
> user shouldn't know what PSGI is.

Hmm well then, don't provide a callback where (quoting your words:)
"you should understand how PSGI streaming works". If you do, be
explicit that this is psgi related. I don't know, it seemed more
"fair" to advertise it rather than hide it. Or, don't provide this
method at all, or a wrapper that wouldn't require you to learn PSGI ?

> It should be able to JFDI. In my opinion,
> the documentation is where I should note it uses proper PSGI streaming.

Maybe, why not, I'm not sure. Maybe ask for an other opinion ?

> Anything I missed? Anything else?
> And dams, I'm happy you're doing well. :)

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