[Dancer-users] Feedback requested: streaming support

Matthew Vickers mvickers at quispiam.com
Fri Aug 19 00:24:27 CEST 2011

----- "sawyer x" wrote: 
> Hey everyone, 

Hey Sawyer, 


> I have a few bells and whistles here but before I show it, I want to explain the type of feedback I'm interested in: 
> 1. Is it useful for you? 
> 2. Are the examples here helpful? Is the syntax understandable? 
> 3. If not, what would be a more suitable syntax, in your opinion? 
> 4. Are there enough features? Do you need more power, more options? 
> 5. How are you doing today? Feel free to share. :) 


I cant really comment on if streaming is useful, but if it was available I would probably try to use it. 

My only comment is on the naming of method call backs would it be easier to remember the call backs if the syntax was like the following 

streaming => 1, 
callbacks => { 
before => sub { my $line = shift; say "About to send a line: $line" }, 
after => sub { my $line = shift; say "Just sent the line: $line" }, 
someother_callback => sub { ... } 

> Apologies for a long mail and thanks in advanced to anyone answering. :) 
> Have a great weekend, 
> Sawyer. 
You as well. 


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