[Dancer-users] Hidden setting forcing production environment.

Mr. Puneet Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 04:24:24 CEST 2011

On Aug 16, 2011, at 5:23 AM, Michael Genereux wrote:

> I don't know if anyone sees GitHub comments so I'll post here.
> In public/dispatch.cgi, there's a setting that forcibly sets the
> environment to production.  The docs current provide information that
> has no effect.  Here's what I posted:
> This setting really screwed me up as a new user of Dancer. (Loving it
> BTW.) The docs said to use Apache Environment variables and yet I
> couldn't get into development mode. Once I traced and commented this
> line out, Apache SetEnv worked great for me. I have development,
> staging, and production on a set of identical servers and they have
> same code but different environments controlled by Apache. I'm
> guessing no one else is doing development with Apache and is using the
> standalone app runner mostly.

I used to use Apache exclusively, but am trying to wean myself off of it for Dancer-specific apps. But yes, I too was bitten by the same issue as you, but I do recall reading about it somewhere which allowed me to discover and implement the workaround as you did.

> Should I submit a patch removing the
> Apache SetEnv docs?
> http://search.cpan.org/~sukria/Dancer-1.3071/lib/Dancer/Deployment.pod#Running_from_Apache_with_Plack
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