[Dancer-users] POLL - Hierachical config settings - preferred implementation?

Alberto Simoes ambs at perl-hackers.net
Sat Apr 30 21:59:59 CEST 2011

On 30/04/2011 20:15, David Precious wrote:
>    set 'engines/simple/extension' =>  'tt';
 >    vs
>    set engines =>  { +simple =>  { +extension =>  'tt' } };
> So, the question is, which do you prefer?

I prefer the first, not because it was my first implementation, but 
because it mimics XPath (or directory structure). But I understand that 
we are adding a specific syntax that is not Perl related, and that is 
why I offered myself to implement the Moose syntax. I just didn't have 
the time and open-mind to implement it.


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