[Dancer-users] Dancer 1.3030 (codename "Silence of the ambs") released

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 14:46:29 CEST 2011

Hey everyone,

We have just released Dancer version 1.3030, codenamed "Silence of the
ambs", named after ambs (Alberto Simões).

ambs has been a major part of Dancer ever since he hit our IRC channel. He
is relentless in improving Dancer and has submitted more pull requests than
pretty much all of us, I think: whether it was documentation, hardcore fixes
(which take a lot of research and effort) or even in helping out beginners
on the list (which many of us can't find the time to do), ambs is a big part
of our community, and we felt he deserves the honor of a release named after

We have a lot of people we'd like to share the same respect to, and we will
in the following releases, so don't worry. :)

Major changes:
* send_file accepts optional content-type declaration, to override guessed
MIME type.
This means you can now do: send_file $filename, content_type => 'image/png';
and the likes.
* send_file accepts optional absolute path.
You can now use send_file to allow ANY file, not just out of the public
directory. Use with caution!!
* Dancer now recognizes absolute redirects.
* If pass() can't match a route for you path, you'll now get a 404 instead
of crashing.
* Use your own templates for errors using "error_template"!

Eight authors worked on this released, and at least six tickets were
Thanks (in no particular order) goes to ambs, franck, sukria, schwern,
racke, dams and yanick!

*Dev news*
Review branch:
I know many of you have been waiting to integrate your pull requests, and
while we do freeze the integration branch (devel) when we have a stable
release candidate, we have made another branch just for reviewing your
awaiting pull requests. Sukria is in charge of the "reviews" branch. It will
be rebased frequently against "devel" and merged once possible. Your pull
requests will remain open until they are integrated into "devel".

Our next release will focus mainly on our new hooks system Franck Cuny has
written (which we will blog and write about on the list). We will pull our
efforts for this one, to make it a seamless upgrade for everyone. It's gonna
be pretty awesome!

Till next time!
Sawyer, and the Dancer crew.
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