[Dancer-users] Preparing Dancer 1.2

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Fri Sep 17 17:00:06 CEST 2010

Hi fellow dancers!

We've met with Franck yesterday evening in order to speak about Dancer 
and for trying to make some decisions regarding our development and 
maintenance process.

We decided the following:

* Our priority is to release Dancer 1.2, which will be the next stable 
release on CPAN.

* The code is frozen until Dancer 1.2 is released: the only commits/pull 
requests that are accepted until then are :

   - a commit that fixes bug
   - a commit that fixes a test script failure
   - a commit that fixes a documentation issue

* Targets for Dancer 1.2

These are the key blocker points we identified for 1.2:

   - Dancer::Headers is rewritten to be based on HTTP::Headers all along
     the way (the current implementation is a weak point, identified by

   - Deployment under Apache with CGI/FCGI and mod_perl should go
     smoothly when following the documentation given in
     Dancer::Deployment (this is a common problem regarding the mailing
     list archives and we want to fix that).

   - The new website design is shipped (we received a *huge* proposal
     and every core developer agreed on the fact this design rocks
     _a lot_. Check this draft out: http://cl.ly/72278b35886dda8878b3

     By the way, a big thank to everyone who submitted a redesign
     proposal, they were all looking great, but this one took our vote,
     because it's really unique-looking and ... cool :)

=== [ What you can do to help us ] ===

* Testing

We really want Dancer 1.2 to be rock solid. We welcome very much reports 
about deployment issues, so feel free to contact us if you have any 
problem with 1.1811

* Documentation reviews

Even if we did enhance a lot our documentation lately, typos and errors 
still occur, so feel free to review Dancer::Deployment, Dancer::Cookbook 
and Dancer::Tutorial. Pull requests are welcome for documentation fixes.

* Spread the word

Dancer is lucky enough to have lots of enthusisast users and we're very 
proud of that. If you like Dancer, spread the word :) blog, tweet, talk 
to your friends and coworkers. Show off some demo apps at work. This is 
good marketing and it's quite as important as the code itself.

I'll try to write a mail to the list whenever we did some significant 
progress regarding the 1.2 release, so stay tuned!

PS: no, there is no date scheduled yet for the release, don't ask ;)

Alexis Sukrieh

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