[Dancer-users] Heroku Service for Perl

Al Newkirk & Associates we at ana.im
Fri Oct 22 01:14:48 CEST 2010

At kisSaaS.com, Naveed (ironcamel) and I (alnewkirk), have been talking
about building a SaaS product like Heroku <http://www.heroku.com> for Perl.
For those of you not familiar with Heroku, it is a PaaS platform as a
service product whereby users configure their service and then use git to
deploy their application on "git push". Our question to the Dancer community
is, how do you feel about such a service in general, what would you like to
see and/or get out of a service like this, etc? Please respond with any
ideas or thoughts you may have. Thanks.
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