[Dancer-users] case insensitive param keys

Stephane stephane at shimaore.net
Wed Oct 6 19:18:48 CEST 2010

> 1. What does the RFC(s) say?

I suspect this is (one of) the reference:

(I'd expect things like case-sensitivity(?) to be framework decision 
rather than a protocol / specification decision, though.)

> 2. How are other frameworks handling it?

CGI.pm is case-sensitive ;)

> Without spending a lot more time researching, it would seem like the correct
> approach is:
> 1) case sensitive by default
> 2) case insensitive by config


I was going to suggest that the "params_lc" option (mentioned earlier) 
could be a boolean or a CODE ref so that people can do fancy transforms 
(including locale-dependent ones) if they'd like.

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