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*I tried to jot down my memories of the first time I used Dancer. A few
images come to mind:
- Searching CPAN for "web framework" for a small website for which Catalyst
seemed like a complete overkill.
- Giving excuses why every web framework wasn't good enough to use (at least
for a small-scale project).
- Finding Dancer and complaining that I can't configure it for CGI and
almost immediately seeing an article by the original author nonetheless -
Alexis - on how to configure it.
- The fun and enjoyment of developing so rapidly, so easily
- Working on my first Dancer feature just because I felt like doing it

It is impossible to fit so many memories and thoughts in a few paragraphs,
and believe me, I've tried. :)
Dancer has always been my favorite project to work on. It's simple, it's
light, it's fun and the community is warm and welcoming.*

It is with great pride that I present you *Dancer 1.2000, the first major
stable community release*.

While it is true that most releases of Dancer are communal, but none as much
so as the 1.2000 release. This release features the work of a large number
of community members, some helped with some docs, some helped with a bug (or
two, or three), some helped with reporting issues and helping understand
them, surfacing them and making them apparent. Some were just there for
support and very much appreciated.

This release of Dancer touts the following aspects:
- Improved Unicode (specifically UTF-8) support: you now have standardized,
clean, well-founded support for UTF-8 applications. This includes support in
the code, in the templates and all around. This wasn't easy but we needed it
and you deserved it!
- Improved documentation: a lot of it was missing and some had to be
improved. While the documentation is still not perfect, we have improved it
greatly by documenting many components in the Dancer framework and clarified
existing documentation. This should help you grasp Dancer better and help
young endeavors in any core hacking expedition. :)
- Stabilization: We've always wanted users to be able to trust Dancer to be
solid and stable and not give them any problems; we've put countless hours
into fixing bugs and odd behaviors to ensure that, now more than ever,
Dancer is a solid foundation you can depend upon.
- Prettier scaffolded app: we've learned yet another lesson from Sinatra and
provided a much nicer default design. This assures you'll be able to set up
a clean and beautiful website quicker than before without having to worry
about a default design. It even uses jQuery - either from CDN or locally.
- Improved security: we've also wanted to help you make sure your
application is more secure, so now it makes sure not to expose serialization
- Better deployment: we've improved the scaffolded dispatchers, especially
in regard to PSGI.

We intend to provide 1.2000 with small improvements that have to do with
stability, documentations and other small improvements which do not break

This release would not have been possible without the help of the following
people and is dedicated to them (in no particular order):
Alexis Sukrieh, Sawyer X, Franck Cuny, David Precious, Philippe Bruhat,
Damien Krotkine, Yanick Champoux, Boris Shomodjvarac, Adam J. Foxson, Naveed
Massjouni, Naveen Manivannan, Sebastian de Castelberg, Dave Doyle, Al
Newkirk, Stefan Oberwahrenbrock, Puneet Kishor, Gabor Szabo, Roman Galeev,
datamuc, Rafał Pocztarski, crujones, snearch, Maurice, Anton Ukolov, Igor
Bujna, Nick Langridge, Mike Schroeder, Ivan, Mark Allen and everyone in the
community I've missed.

Thank you.

Soon we will be showcasing Dancer using daily articles on our Advent
You're still more than invited to help write and/or proofread articles.

Dance away,
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