[Dancer-users] Handling file uploads

Stefan Oberwahrenbrock oberwahrenbrock at gmx.de
Mon Nov 22 16:53:34 CET 2010


I have some trouble handling file uploads with my first dancer app. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction:

To get hold of an uploaded file sent via PUT, I have set up this route handler:

put '/upload/:file' => sub {
    my $upload = upload( params->{file} );

    debug "My Log 1: " . params->{file};
    debug "My Log 2: " . ref($upload);

To test the handler, I  feed it with some data sent by "curl":
curl --upload-file /srv/mydata.tar.gz http://localhost:3000/upload/

As far as I understand the documentation, $upload should hold a reference to an object of typ Dancer::Request::Upload now. Thus, methods like "filename", "basename", "tempname" etc. should be accessible. The logfile looks quite good - at the beginning:
[3432] debug @0.003234> [hit #1] trying to match `/upload/mydata.tar.gz' against /^\/upload\/([^\/]+)$/ in /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/Dancer/Route.pm l. 73
[3432] debug @0.003493> [hit #1] My Log 1: mydata.tar.gz in lib/mywebapp.pm l. 26

But the next line indicates, that $upload is not what I expect it to be:
[3432] debug @0.003550> [hit #1] My Log 2:  in lib/mywebapp.pm l. 27

In addition to that, calling one of methods mentioned above (e. g. "$upload->filename()" ), produces a runtime error:
Can't call method filename on an undefined value at...

Probably I have not understood the upload() subroutine correctly - any hint is welcome!

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