[Dancer-users] route_cache breaks with multiple parameters

Stéphane stephane at shimaore.net
Tue May 18 23:16:41 CEST 2010

>>  I've opened bug report 57158
> Would it be possible for you to sum it up in a test script?

Finally found some time for it.

I attached the test script to the ticket.

However while writing it I ran into a separate issue (with or without 

# The following works fine

get '/beep1/*'   => sub { "Splat: ".join(',',splat()); };

get '/beep1/*/*' => sub { "Splat: ".join(',',splat()); };

# The following breaks

get '/beep2/:name/*' => sub {
   "Name: ".params->{name}." splat: ".join(',',splat());

So mixing named parameters and splat fails.
Before I report this (as a separate issue), is this a "supported" way of 
doing things?


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