[Dancer-users] deploying multiple dancer websites on localhost with mod_proxy

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Tue Mar 9 09:03:45 CET 2010

Le lundi 08 mars 2010 à 18:26 -0600, P Kishor a écrit :
> > You should find the auto_page feature ideal for that... with that enabled,
> > creating $appdir/views/mypage.tt means the a request for /mypage will
> > automatically be handled using that view, without you needing to declare any
> > route to match it.
> ok, I found and read up on the auto_page setting. That doesn't seem to
> be what I want. I want stuff in $appdir/public to be served directly,
> and that is not happening right now.

Please, don't mixup things. You have two issues:

1. You want a smart route handler that can match any path requested and
serve the appropriate content (retreived from a database), depending on
the path. You can't do that with a token-pattern match.

If you want to write a "catchall" route handler, you have to use a
regexp-pattern like the following:

    get r('/(.*)') => sub  { 
        my $path = request->path;
        # ... do what you want with $path

2. Your static files are not served 

This is not a Dancer issue, this is a configuration issue. First of all,
monitor your Apache access/error logs when you hit your app, and look
for the reason of the 404.

Maybe Apache doesn't pass the baton to Dancer when it's a static file
that is requested, and maybe your DocumentRoot points to a bad

It can come from many, many reasons, and it's quite impossible for us,
on the mailing list, to debug your apache installation.

But please, when you write a mail with a request for help on that
mailing list, try to focus on one problem at a time, mixing up different
issues in the same mail is hard to follow... and to help ;)

Happy dancing.

Alexis Sukrieh

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