[Dancer-users] waltz of a typical dancer

P Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 20:23:57 CET 2010

- see dancer, like it.
- download dancer, create a new dance, become amazed.
- start converting existing app to a full-on dance.
- suddenly be struck by a thought -- how am I going to have several
dances on the same dance floor?
- ask on IRC, and am directed to the dance deployment manual. See that
I require Plack.
- fire cpan, install Plack, and get caught in a dependency circle from hell...
  everyone and his moose is being installed. Installation fails.
- back to original app.
- time passes, learn about cpanminus, so download and install cpanm.
- fire cpanm, install Plack, and am successful!
- use Plack::Loader, and am dancing with apache,
  but have to screw around with RewriteRules.
  Also, seems slower than a pure dance.
 - Want to run many dances on the same dance floor, fast, with least hassles.
- back to deployment manual. See I can use proxypass with virtualhost.
  but no virtualhosts on my laptop... only localhost/dir1,
localhost/dir2 and so on.
- notice fcgi, think, maybe that is faster although it still requires
- check installation, see there is no dispatch.fcgi in the scaffolding
- look through the source code, and create a dispatch.fcgi
- config apache with fcgi, and get caught in a redirect loop.

mailing list arrives... ahhh. Now, I can hope for another dance.

Here's hoping that the first impression of dancer, which is complete
delight and amazement, can continue on as the application matures, and
the reality of hosting multiple applications on a typically shared web
host settles in.

By the way, thanks to the creators of dancer for blowing in a breath
of fresh air in the world of Perl web applications.

Puneet Kishor

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