[Dancer-users] Reverse-proxy deployments

sebastian de castelberg sebu at kpricorn.org
Fri Dec 17 12:12:39 CET 2010


> Wow! Maybe I was a bit too verbose, I'll try to condense in two simple
> questions:
much better...;)

> 1. is it possible to set up uri_for to play well in a reverse-proxy
> environment?
in case your app runs with plack, you may have a look at
if I recall correctly, a redirect issue we had could be fixed with
this plugin. it could work for uri_for too.

> 2. what is the best approach to handle static content in a reverse-proxy
> environment, i.e. having the reverse-proxy handle it directly?
In our low-traffic setup Dancer delivers static content (deployment
was much easier).


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