[Dancer-users] dbh->ping causes segmentation fault in D::P::Database

Иван Бессарабов ivan at bessarabov.ru
Sat Dec 4 15:27:00 CET 2010

> [Just to clarify here, for people glancing at list archives "it crashes"
> is horribly generic; the problem seems to be an odd problem with DBI &
> DBD::mysql, not with Dancer or D::P::Database]

Yes. You are absolutely right. Sorry not to pointing it in my original mail.

> Ah, good stuff.  Thank you for taking the effort to both investigate the
> problem, report it (with all the salient details and how to reproduce
> it), and even find the solution, too!  If I was wearing a hat, it would
> be off to you.

Thank you! Its a please to hear such words =)

> I think to work around this problem, having D::P::Database automatically
> set mysql_auto_reconnect => 0 upon connecting would be sensible;
> D::P::Database is taking care of re-establishing database connections
> when required anyway, so there's no point in it being enabled,
> especially if it's going to cause problems!

Good. I'm glad that my email caused the correct solution of the problem.

> I'll look in to this today and get a new version of D::P::Database out
> including this fix.

Super! Thank you.

> Thanks again, and thanks also for the connection_check_threshold
> documentation fix too :)


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