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Sun Aug 15 13:59:45 CEST 2010

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 2:47 PM, P Kishor <punk.kish at gmail.com> wrote:

> No need to contact anyone else. I am firsthand experiencing the above
> bug with Apache2 and Dancer 1.1805. Basically, if trying to deploy
> with Apache2 under regular CGI or FastCGI, <code>get '/'</code> simply
> doesn't work. I keep on getting 404. I can break my head against every
> possible documentation, but I get 404. Change <code>get '/'</code> to
> <code>get r('.*')</code> and it starts working.

Do we already have a ticket on Github issues with this?
If not, would you mind opening one? It will be easier for us to track it and
fix it.
Thank you.

> With regards to deployment, that is only half of the story, albeit the
> sordid half. The other half is that Dancer doesn't deploy out of the
> box. Out of the box, the dispatch.cgi script is under public, so the
> only way to reach that script is to use the uri
> http://myapp/public/dispatch.cgi. Therefore, dispatch.cgi needs to be
> moved one level above public. However, now, all the paths to the css
> are screwed. So, the paths to the css have to be adjusted from
> '/css/style.css' to /public/css/style.css'

As it seems, this shouldn't be difficult to fix. If you could please open an
issue for this as well, it will solved more quickly.

> One question -- did anyone actually do the Apache2 CGI deployment
> before writing those docs, because, as is, those docs don't work at
> all. I don't know what is better -- not have any docs at all or to
> have misleading docs.

You should take into account that some people find it hard to interact with
people who behave in an offending manner.
You're basically disrespecting the effort people have done to create these
docs because one documented feature did not work for you. This means the doc
might need to be fixed (perhaps a line change) or some of the code has to be
fixed. This happens in projects. I've just recently experienced such
documentation discrepancies with App::perlbrew.

The way to get such things fixed is to simply say "Hi, I'm sorry but
apparently either the doc is not correct or the code has a bug. Could you
please look into this?" instead of giving the impression that all their
effort to write the docs (and project) were in vain - which is how you put

This is open source, not a company. We don't get money (at all!) and
therefor no one _really_ has to listen to what people say. We do because we
care. Telling us that "the docs don't work at all" and that it is not
necessarily better than "not having any docs at all" will probably land you
in a position of not being often listened to - even if you are reporting an
actual bug.

Please, be courteous and respectful. If you find a bug, help us by reporting
and try *not* to include any bad-mouthing of people's hard work. Trust me,
you'll get more attention and the stuff you care about will get fixed much

Thank you.
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