[Dancer-users] Request for testers

sukria sukria at sukria.net
Thu Aug 5 12:14:03 CEST 2010


As I've explained a couple of times before, I've been working on a huge
rewrite of Dancer's core. I'm very glad to announce that this rewrite is
done, meaning that all the test suite (977 tests) passes successfully with
the new code base.

This rewrite enhances the way things are done behind the scene and - among
other things - will allow users to "plug" different components into one

I've merged that refactoring branch into "devel" and I'd like to have
"real-life" test reports, so if you want to help, please grab the devel
branch and run your app with it (in your development environment of
course). I welcome very much feedback about issues you may encounter then
(as issues report on GitHub).

Thanks a lot.

Happy dancing.


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