[Dancer-users] Dancer: allow multiple folders for Template's INCLUDE_PATH

Stéphane stephane at shimaore.net
Fri Apr 30 13:56:00 CEST 2010

> [CC'ing the list / please, send this kind of messages to the list next
> times, thanks]

Will do. Sorry about that.

> Stéphane a écrit :
>> It would be nice to be able to specify multiple folders for
>> setting('views'),
> Well, this doesn't fit the convetions Dancer is based on, I'm not sure
> why you want to do that (you can still create multiple directories
> inside the 'views' dir).

Trying to answer the "why". :)
The way I'm deploying my application I will typically have:

- CCNQ::Portal as the module that implements all the basic web 
application logic; the module includes its own views (inside 
perllib/share/views), which are deployed alongside that module (I locate 
the folder using File::ShareDir);

- and a customer-specific module that works the same way and implements 
the customer-specific business logic and views. These views will be 
deployed in a different folder.

> To conclude, I think you should fill an issue report like "propagate all
> TT config entries from Dancer's configuration to TT's" so we can track
> the work on this more easily.

Will do. Thanks!

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