[Dancer-users] Deployment question

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Fri Apr 2 06:25:56 UTC 2010

Hi Bob,

Le jeudi 01 avril 2010 à 16:15 -0500, Robert Olson a écrit :
> What distinguishes this that we don't use vhosts for all of them;  
> instead, we distinguish based on a toplevel directory. For instance / 
> foo would be delivered to one machine's fcgi , /bar to some other  
> machine's apache.
> I'd like to be able to use this mechanism to proxy off to a Dancer  
> standalone server. However, to the instance locally it things stuff is  
> rooted at /, but to the clients it's rooted at /somethingelse.

OK, this is something possible.

> I have tinkered with the prefix directive, which makes the actions  
> work ok, but breaks the stuff under public.

Well, the "prefix"  keyword should not be used for deployment
configuration, it's only provided to help defining multiple routes in
the same "namespace".

We already documented the situation you describe for Apache2 in the
deployment guide:

Look at the rewrite rules in that example. I don't know if that's
similar to what you can do with nginx, but my bet is that if we can do
it under Apache2, there's no reason we can't under nginx.

Maybe you can paste here some of your relevant configuration files, so
we can investigate together.


Alexis Sukrieh

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