[Dancer-users] Dancer 1.173 released!!

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 14:51:09 UTC 2010

Hi everyone!

Dancer 1.173 was just released!

The changes include fixing failing tests, adding documentation to
Dancer::Engine and fixing Github issue #52.
* Special thanks goes to Juanjo (reidrac) for reporting of issue #52.

In version 1.72 Robert Olson added a doc patch, Frank Cuny prevented usage
of keywords in plugins and cleaned up tests and Alexis added initial Plugin
support, which we talked about for a while.

In recent Dancer news:
Initial plugin support is up, let's try some stuff and see where we get.
Adam Kennedy started a contest between Mojo and Dancer. You can read about
it here <http://use.perl.org/%7EAlias/journal/40270>.
We've noticed some Windows issues, which were caused by
HTTP::Server::Simple. We fixed
hopefully a new release will be out soon.

Have a great day and beware April Fools jokes! :)
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