[dancer-users] Dancer::Test issues

Celogeek me at celogeek.com
Fri Dec 28 15:05:32 GMT 2012

I'm trying (hardly trying) to upgrade Dancer::Plugin::Redis. 

And I face to multiple issues. 

First, the test unit doesn't work like before. Which complicate the test. 

For example : 

use Dancer::Test; 
use TestApp; 

dancer_response 'GET' => '/' => lead to 404 

but it was working in Dancer1. 

So I need to do : 

use TestApp; 
use Dancer::Test 'TestApp'; 

dancer_response 'GET' => '/' => 200 

But if I test this with Dancer1 I have a warning message : 

Odd number of assignement in Dancer::Test ... 

So the Dancer::Test is not backward compatible, and work differently. 

How can I fix this ? 

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