[dancer-users] What do you think of Dancer? ( & Advent calendar posts needed!)

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 14:25:53 GMT 2012

Hi all,

We still have spots left for more posts on the Dancer advent calendar,
so if anyone fancies contributing a post, don't be shy, let us know!

Also, I'm thinking a good idea for a post might be a set of
testimonial-type paragraphs from Dancer users, explaining what they use
Dancer for, what they like about Dancer, and what they'd like to see in
the future etc.

So, if you use Dancer, and have a moment to spare to provide us a
quote, please mail me with, say, 1-5 paragraphs - as above, good things
to include would be what you use Dancer for, what you like about
Dancer, what you'd like to see in future from Dancer etc.

(These may also be used on the testimonials page on the site, which
could do with an update.)

Also, if you have a Dancer-powered site which isn't yet featured on the
dancefloor page ( www.dancer.pm/dancefloor ) and you'd like it to be,
please let me know!

Cheers all

Dave P

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